Alexandra Holownia


Kopenhagener Str 73
D-10437 Berlin

Performance Marriage Scary on Klangbord Sessies 5


Tweede Walstraat 5
6511 Nijmegen Niederland


/ ENG / Alexandra Holownia`s Performance Marriage – Scary The performance touches on the determination of those women seeking release from the traditional sexual roles and existing ideas of beauty.It challenges generally accepted social norms regarding women's rights in the world. It calls into question gender discrimination imposed by the state. The artist performs with sexist installations including white wedding dresses. The white dress means the virginity of the bride, symbolically confirming the ultimate dream and goal for a woman is marriage. The performance demonstrates the scenario of a marriage based on violence, domination and control over another person's life by way of changing a white wedding dress into a skirt with a monstrous penis. In this way, she emphasises the right of a woman's sexual self-determination. Music JONATHAN THORPE Video ERNST JOACHIM CZIESLA

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