Alexandra Holownia



Starptelpa Performance Art Festival -Ritual and Myth


Latvian Centre for Performance Art


Alexandra Holownia fulfills her sexual fantasies by putting on colorful panties with sewn-on elements resembling male or female sexual organs. Briefs are put on one after the other, creating a rainbow symbol for the LGBT community. A joyful manifestation of love and tolerance is interrupted by a repeated cough that causes the words I love you to get stuck in the throat. The final dance with the artist's alter ego doll emphasizes the contrast between the tragedy of a viral disease and the desire to celebrate a joyful life based on the acceptance of different sexual orientations. Alexandra Holownia performances touches on taboo topics related to gender. Demonstrates against exclusion, discrimination based on age, sexism and patriarchy structures in private and public relations of woman and man. Calls for socio-political tolerance, acceptance of human rights and freedom of sexual self-determination. Idea: Alexandra Holownia, Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin Costumes: Alexandra Holownia Played: Alexandra Holownia Video and Photos: Waldemar Kremser

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