Monika Riemenschneider


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born in Berlin

1980 - diploma in political science at the Free University Berlin

autodidact in arts
since 1980:
- studies in Ebba Sakel’s gallery “Andere Zeichen” (women’s art gallery) - studies at the HdK (University of arts, Berlin) with Prof. Weigel and E. Otto
- study trips to ICELAND and ITALY

Foundation of courses for illiterates at several adult education centres in Berlin
Development and realization of comprehensive study programmes for illiterates until 2002

Since 1986:
- member of the professional association of artists
- regularly individual/ single exhibitions
- participation in several exhibitions of art institutions
- drawings, watercolours, oil, collages, pastels, etching, sculpture

Since 1996:
- development of sociocultural projects of further education for mentally disabled adults
- elaboration of the project “Vom Bild zum Wort” ( “From the picture to the words”; exhibitions of illiterates that include art and creativity/collages and texts)

Since 1998:
-work with sculpture

Since 1999:
- management of sculpture courses for disabled adults, materials: sandstone, limestone, soapstone

Since 2000:
- teaching of writing, reading and calculating in facilities for disabled adults

Since 2002:
- development of work books for mentally disabled adults
- intensive work with sandstone

- completion of the book “ANDERS LERNEN” (“learn differently”), a book for severely mentally disabled adults, serving to identify and learn simple terms and differences, bilingual: German/English, German/Italian
View example under https://bildende-kü,

- learning of marble sculpture under the instruction of Mario Enrico d’Ippolito (sculptor) in Ceparana/Italy

Remittance works:
- drawing of the saint Thorlack for the St.Franciscus-Spitali’s church in Stykkisholmur/Iceland
- numerous portraits and drawings
- poster, beer mug and flag for the 100th anniversary of Wannsee/Berlin
- art prize of the company “Iduna Nova”
- postcards and posters for “Arte Presente”/Potsdam, “Casa Rosa”/Potsdam
- “Spielen-Werken-Schenken”/Berlin

2016/ 2017
Participation in exhibitions in cooperation with other Italian artist/Bari/IT
-Text and art in “ Drops from the World” Words, Images, Solidarity
a cura di Santa vetturi, ISBN 978-88-8459-380-1
-Art in “ 100 Voci per Amatrice e…. a cura di Santa Vetturi ISBN978-88-8459-407-5

About my work

The origins of my drawings in graphite and colour are verbally non expressible premonitions, dreams, ideas etc.
Through their composition, they tell stories that every viewer might interpret differently based on his own experiences of life.
I'm inspired of historic myths and the philosophy and rules of northern cultures.

Watercolours are another main focus of my work.
I paint them nearly exclusively near nature.
The wild landscape of Iceland with it’s light-flooded wideness and the northern lights evoke emotions in me and stimulate my fantasy.
I also am inspired of the amiable Mediterranean south, especially of Italy’s landscapes where mountains and valleys are covered with magical shades of light during autumn.
The wide horizons of Brandenburg which surround me outside of Berlin inspire me to many watercolours.

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