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Demistifications of Vagina


Haus der Statistik
Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72
10178 Berlin


Demistification of Vagina - performance by Zuzanna Czajkowska and Alexandra Holownia touches on the determination of those women seeking release from the traditional sexual roles and existing ideas of beauty. It challenges generally accepted social norms regarding women's rights in the world. It calls into question gender discrimination imposed by the state. The artists dance with sexist installations including white wedding dresses. The white dress means the virginity of the bride, symbolically confirming the ultimate dream and goal for a woman is marriage. Which is typical of a patriarchal culture where a woman should be "chaste" and therefore humble and controllable. Performance “Vagina demystification” is based on movement and costumes. Performers feel the vagina, which is still taboo in today's cutter. The main idea behind the performance is the normalization of the vagina, achieved through the grotesque form of the costume and the set design.
Idea, Costumes, Design, Movement - Zuzanna Czajkowska, Alexandra Holownia
Perform - Zuzanna Czajkowska, Alexandra Holownia

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