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Vision 2020: Living Rooms & Loo Rolls

4.12.2021 - 28.2.2022

-Basement and Bunyan
Mill Str
Bedford, United Kindom

4.12.2021 - 28.2.2022

Continuing on from the 2020 Vision: Living Rooms & Loo Rolls exhibition, artist will take part in a series of individual and group discussions about their work and inspiration.

International performance artist Anya Liftig, who had performed in the MoMA and Tate amonst other worlwide art venues, will be offerring an intersting insight into her film she produced and recorded durimg lockdown.

Alexandra Holownia, who has peformed in many coutries, will be discussing the Covid 19 pandemic, her film Cheek to the Mask, and creation of her costumes.

An interesting discussion by Adam Koan, an international performance Butoh dancer who produced MicrosFear in response to lockdown and the global reaction.

Carolyn Blake, a UK based artist reflects on her practice and development of her work 'This Silent Space'

Sew and Sew will be reflecting on her work the Archaeology of Now-Tears, the inspiration and the making.

Performance Spoken Word Artists Kezzabelle Ambler, inspires us with her piece Ignorance Abyss, what inspired her and how it changed her life.

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