Alexandra Holownia


Gradueted at the Academy of Fine Art Poznan, Poland, Faculty: Interior Design, Prof.J. Szmit.
Postgraduate: at the Academy of Fine Art Warszawa, Poland. Faculty:Stage Design by prof. J.Szajna.
at the Univercity of Art in Berlin, Germany. Faculty:Art in Context.


Scholarship from Mexican Ministry of Culture (Exchange Programm)

Sholarships from Polish Ministry of Culture


2005 Europa Commission for Art Action "Kommunikations Kuss" Berlin, Germany.

2004 Ministry for Science, Research and Culture in Berlin for Art Project "Zwei Naechte",.

2004 Culture Office in Middle Berlin for Art Project "Zwei Naechte", Germany.

2002 Quartier Manager Office in Berlin-Friedrichshain for Art Project" Art Tour".

2001 German International Ministry Office for "World Festival for Art on Paper", Slovenia.

1999 Culture Ministry in Hessen, Germany for International Exhibition "Imagine" in Kassel.   

Solo Exhibition (selection)

1984 Gallery Dziekanka - Warszawa, Poland
1990 Studio Kausch - Kassel, Germany
1991 Gallery Am See - Lohfelden,Germany
1992 Gallery 283 - Erwitte-Wiggerhausen, Germany
1993 Kajfu Art Center - Hamburg, Germany
1994 Gallery Monserat - New York, USA
1999 Gallery Der Flur - Kassel, Germany
2003 Kultur Ring - Berlin, Germany
2003 Gallery Hologynia - Berlin, Germany
2004 Foyer UdK Berlin
2008 OKK Room - Berlin, Germany
2010 The Absence Of Art -Berlin, Germany
2014 Gallery Szyperska -Poznan, Poland
2015 Refenbogenfabrik - Berlin, Germany
2016 Project Spaces Art endart -Berlin, Germany

Group Exibition (selection)

1983 Jung exprsion Grand Palais - Paris
1984 Studio Art Center PKiN -Warszawa
1985 Multimedia Festival MuKu in K-18 -Kassel, Germany.1
1985 International Art Expo in Kobe, Japan
1987 Visual Laboratory in Turino,Italy
1989 Kleinkunst Museum in Holstebro, Denmarc
1990 Shadow Project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,USA
1991 Centro Civico Borgo Panigale, Bologna, Italy
1992 Studio Kausch , FAKRamenprogramm documenta 9, Kassel,Germany
1993 Around Coyote ,University Ilinois,Chicago,USA
1994 Gallery La maison de L´heure , Pry, Belgium
1997 Foyer University Kassel
1999 Gallery Cork Avery Fisher Hall, New York
1999 Kulturbahof "Imagine" Kassel,Germany
2000 King St.Stephen Museum,Szekesheehervar, Hungary
2000 Sharjah Arts Museum,Sharajah, Arabian Emirats
2001 World Festival Art of Paper, Bled/Lubljana, Slovenia
2001 Art Books Fair, Marsilie, France
2002 Gallery Telekom, Graz, Austria
2002 Hundret 20 , Berlin
2002 Spektrale, Berlin
2003 In Between - University Wall, Graz, Austria
2004 Foyer UdK in Berlin
2007 Offener Kanal TV, Kassel
2007 Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Ghaungzou, China
2009 Fluxmuseum Fort Worth,USA
2009 Imagine Peace Yoko Ono Project in University of Texas, San Antonio USA
2010 Fluxmuseum Fort Worth,USA
2010 La MaMa Gallery, NYC,USA
2010 Video Container Miland, Italy, with Berlinerpool
2011/12/13 Video Festival Magmart Neapol/Italy
2011 Grimmuseum Berlin, Projekt Tupajumi Foundation
2011 Saatchi online: We Love Art This Week
2011 Art and Design Apartment in Deqiang College and
         Industry Design Office in Huarui College in Harbin, China
2012 Project Gesamt, Copenhagen Art Festival, Kunsthol Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmarc
2011 Kovno Biennale with US Fluxus Group
2013 Seredipidy Gallery – I wish China..., Berlin
2013 Shift and Preview Art Fair Berlin with Familie Montez in Berlin
2013 Museum Lytke wih Familie Montez Leipzig
2014 Deutsch 1914/Papua Niuguini 2014, Museum for Contemporary Art, Port Moresby in Papua,
         New Guinea
2015 Deutsch 1914/Papua Niuguini 2014, Projektraum Alte Feuerwache Berlin
2015 Project Space GZ Barcelona, Spain
2016 The Artbox Project Art Spectrum Miami USA
2016 Frige Art Fair Miami Beach, USA
2017 The Artbox - Airport Basel -Freiburg-Strassburg
2017 Fridge Art Fair Brooklyn,New York, USA
2017 Art Clio, Manhattan, New York, USA
2017 Fridge Art Fair Miami Beach, USA
2018 Bad Art - Bones&Pearl Studios London, UK
2018 Fridge Art Fair NU Hotel Brooklyn New York, USA
2018 Biennale Woman Cinemakers Berlin -New York - Art and Independent Cinema
2018 Women Space, Platform 1 gallery London, UK
2018 FiLiArt100, Studio Tammam, Bloomsbury Art Festival London,UK
2018 FiLiArt100 conference FiLiA, Great Manchester, UK
2018 Fridge Art Fair, Hotel Eurostar, Miami, USA
2019 Artopolitan Festival, National Gallery Dhaka, Bangladesh
2019 Dystopia- Ephipania Film Studios Dhaka, Bangladesh
2019 Berlin Graphic Days, X Lane Gallery Berlin Kreuzberg, Germany
2019 Tammam Atelier  London, UK 
2019 Eduardo Lira Gallery Wynwood Miami, USA
2019/18/17 Fridge Art Fair NYC/Miami USA
2020 Art Caberet Dublin, Irland                                                                                        
2020 Eco Ware Art Gallery, Delhi, India 
2021 Haus a Rest Gallery instagram London, UK  
2021 Avanguardian Gallery London 
2021 The Stable Gallery, Hampshire, UK                                                                      
2021 Haus a Rest Gallery instagram London, UK                                                             
2021 Aura a Feministic Gallery instagram Leeds, UK 
2021 The Mass Collection - Univesity Bradford, UK 
2021 Cultivate Gallery - Saturation- East London, UK
2021 Interim Arts Instagram Gallery London, UK                                                                
2021 Open Art Festival - Curat10n London, UK 
2021 Vision 2020: Living Rooms & Loo Rolls- Basement and Bunyan Bradford, UK
2021 Inside - Out - gallery Zero Kathmandu, Nepal 


1985  Ulisses at MuKu,Kunstfestival HbK in Kassel.
1986  Body painting performance at Villa Fanna,Treviso Villorba,Italy.
1990  Kulturbabrik Salzmann, Kassel,Germany.
1991 Art Nuenberg 5,Germany.
1992 Show-window C&A, with the limits of Free Academy Kassel by documenta 9 in Kassel.
2004 Art Figures interaktion with MoMa public in Berlin, New National Gallery Berlin.
2004 Piano See am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.Teich Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin,
         Spree Kanal, Spittel Markt in Berlin.
2004/05 Cementery in Seestr.92/93 in Weddig,Berlin.
2005 Communication  art- Interaktion in tram M10, Berlin.
2007 Alexandra Fly in American Airline Plane Berlin-New York
2007 Art to You-Museum Friedricianum Kassel, open space, documenta 12.
2007 Guerilla performance Art Forum Berlin,Art Fair 21 in Köln, Fein Art Köln
2008-20015 Guerilla walking performance at Art Basel, Art Forum Berlin, ABC Berlin, Art Frieze London, Art Paris, FIAC-Paris,
         Art Bruessel, Venice Biennale
2013 Antiform, Performance Festival, Königswinter/Bonn
2014 Alexandra Fly DancePerformance -Festtival Kolo Czasu, Center for Contemporary Art - Znaki Czasu inTorun,PL
2016 Alexandra Fly Dance Perfrmance - Cabaret Voltair Manifesta 11 Zurich, Swiss
2016 GZ Art Fair Basel 2016
2016 Alexandra Fly Dance Performance -Venice Art Hause Gallery, Palazzo Ca´Zanari Venice, Italy
2016  Project Space Art, Berlin, Germany
2016  Guerilla Art Basel Miami Beach, USA
2017 Guerilla performance Documenta 14, open spaces, Athen, Kassel
2017 Guerilla performance Art Basel
2017 Alexandra Fly Dance Performance - NeXus- Performance Festival Edge Zones Art Gallery Miami Floryda
2018 Alexandra Fly Dance Performance - Open Performance Academy, Rotterdam, Holland
2018 Alexandra Fly Dance Performance -International Performance Festival Crossings Prague Czech Republic
2018 Alexandra Fly Dance Performance- GZ Art Basel, Switherland, exhibition opening performamce
2018 Alexandra Fly Dance Performance- In Beeld-Performance Festival Antwerp, Belgium
2018 Alexandra Fly Dance Performance - All Night Long- Perfformance Meeting, Lithrodontas, Cyprus
2019 Exreapool Nijmengen, Niederlande 2019 
2019 PAB performance festival Bergen, Norway 
2019 Tammam Atelier Bloombery Festival FiLiA London, UK  
2019 PerforMia Edge Zone Gallery Miami, USA  
2020 Kipaf Kolkata India, pIAR Artist Residency Kumasi, Ghana  
2020 Epiphania Studios Virual Residency Dhaka, Bangladesh 
2020 Huxxy Duxxy Box Delhi, India 
2020 IMAF  Novi Sad, Serbia 
2020 Arts Cabaret Dublin, Irland 
2020 Rewind Art Performance Festival Jakarta, Indonesien 
2020 Crosover Performance Art Festival Singapur 2020,
2020 The Jana Performance Art Center Colombo, Sri Lanka 
2021 Performance Køkkenet Copenhagen, Denmarc 
2021 Starptelpa Performance Festival Riga, Latvia 
2021 Passion for Pride New Delhi, India 
2021 Austral International Art Performance Buenos Aires, Argentina 
2021 Pure Land - Taiwan Performance - Art Now Live Tour 6, Taiwan
2021 Haus der Statistik Berlin, Germany  
2021 IMAF Novi Sad, Serbia  
2021 Transit Station Voice #3 online performance festival Germany/UK 
2021 Runt of the Litter performance evening London, UK 
2021 Charcoal Foundation Bongora, New Dehli India 
2021  Rewind Art performance festival Jakarta, Indonesia 2021, 
2021 Vision 2020: Living Rooms & Loo Rolls -Basement and Bunyan in Bradford, UK 
2021/22 Crossover 2 Art Performance Festival, Singapur 

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