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Kopenhagener Str 73
D-10437 Berlin

Communiations Art


CosmiX Screening Night II
Xóm B?c C?u - Cultural Space So 1, Alley 404 B?c C?u, Ng?c Th?y, Long Biên, Hà N?i, Vietnam, Ha
404 Bac Cau HANOI, Vietnam


Video "Communications Art" shows an art event in Berlin tram.As many young people drive on the route between Warsaw and Eberswalder Strasse, the line M10 is particularly suitable in artistic way to talk about the art. The Traveling Tram is synonymous with the path that changes with time. Styrofoam heads and notes are distributed to travelers with statements. International passengers can also write their opinions on the subject of art on the preserved objects and formulate their own artistic definition in front of the camera itself. CosmiX is getting back on the experimental for a second edition with a screening night of experimental short movies and artist videos taking place at the Xóm B?c C?u - Cultural Space, Hanoi, Vietnam, on April, 26th 2019. The experimental cinema is a type of the movie industry that greatly considers the place of the image itself rather than its contents. It is in the center of the aesthetic considerations and enlightens the physical place that carries the viewer relegating its comfort to a smaller significance. Making the story and the entertainment a second plan, even erasing it sometimes, this cinema creates a formal and sensorial experience. The experimental, that is difficult to define because of its numerous qualificatives, is intransitive and has no image but itself. Thus we can retain that beyond being personal, artistic, handcraft, pure, avant garde, poetic, absurd, underground or metaphoric, the experimental cinema is a cinema that reveals a taming and a mastering of the image itself. This refinement sends back the film to its own form and frees the narration limits so there is only an exchange left between the art piece and the viewer. LINE UP : Aleksander Johan Andreassen : Clearings / Lysninger // Norway Alexandra Holownia : Communications art // Germany Amaury Foucart : Nu descendant un escalier // France Barbara Fulneau : H20 / C2H9NaO5 // France Cecilia Montobbio : LIGHTROUTINE // Spain Damian Kosowski : Symmetry // Poland Darko Vukic : acid house // Serbia Davide Canali : Cyclamen // Italy Dzaizku featuring DMNTD project : Monument to the unknown clubber // France Emanuele Dainotti : Cutting Edge // Italy Fabian Forban : TranscenDance // Germany Jason Bernagozzi : The Great Dragon Consumes All // USA Johannes C Gerard : Broken Visions // Netherlands Jose Cruzio & Isabel Perez Del Pulgar : [Self]Insertions ALTERIDAD // Portugal Leonardo Martin Blanc : Consequentis // Spain Lucas Lejeune : Drone d’Oiseau // France Marcia Beatriz Granero : Lacuna // Brazil The Sad Story of 5 Desprate Flies : Ninja Ferrari // Serbia OB : Osteatro // France Robert Ladislas Derr : Seating Arrangement // USA Sandra Araújo : Rio-me porque és da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baile // Portugal Sandrine Deumier : Realness // France Sara Bonaventura : Chronoscope // Singapore Selene Citron & Luca lunardi : back up my memories // Italy Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu : Life of a Tree // Romania Tina Sulc : Messy Flow // Slovenia

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