Alexandra Holownia


Crosover 2

Crosover 2

Singapur31.12.2021 - 1.1.2022
Das internationale Performance-Festival feierte den Beginn des neuen Jahres 2022. Es bestand aus Live-Auftritten, die über ZOOM übertragen wurden …
Charcoal Foundation Bongora

Charcoal Foundation Bongora

New Dehli India2.10.2021 - 3.10.2021
Das Festival präsentierte internationale Künstler, die über GINSENG sprachen. In dieser Festival habe ich eine Live-Performance via ZOOM meiner P …
Transit Station Voice #3

Transit Station Voice #3

Braunschweig3.9.2021 - 5.9.2021
For the third of the transitstation Voices series we presented a weekend webinar featuring 16 international artists working in dance, performance …


Serbia3.9.2021 International Multimedial Art Festival – IMAF is an annual event dedicated to performance art.  …
Demistifications of Vagina

Demistifications of Vagina

Demistification of Vagina - performance by Zuzanna Czajkowska and Alexandra Holownia touches on the determination of those women seeking releas …
Passion for Pridge

Passion for Pridge

The idea of this performance “Ulisses” is James Joyces dream about the power of sex. Performance showing the megalomania dreams, nightmares. Impo …
Dispose to Reuse

Dispose to Reuse

New Delhi India12.2.2021 - 29.3.2021
Congrats you are one of The "ECO FIGHTER" from 70 artists from 28 countries around the world. All The Artworks In this exhibition made by Waste c …


Singapur31.12.2020 - 6.1.2021
Online performance festival organized by professor Cai Qing from Singapore. He performs under the pseudonym Alexandra Fly
Arts Cabaret

Arts Cabaret

Dublin Irland20.10.2020
Arts Cabaret 20 --- 20/10/2020 time 20:10 ; is a live event of performance, poetry, music, reading, video etc. organized by M2 time base group o …


Miami FL , USA4.12.2019 - 7.12.2019 Two of my graphics on metal "Color Vaginas" and a "Mouths Tree" were presented …
Art Festival PerForMIA

Art Festival PerForMIA

Miami FL7.12.2019
/ ENG / Alexandra Holownia`s Performance Marriage – Scary The performance touches on the determination of those women seeking release from the t …
Marriage Scarry

Marriage Scarry

London WCH UK12.10.2019
Alexandra Holownia`s Performance Marriage – Scary The performance touches on the determination of those women seeking release from the tradition …
Alexandra Fly Dance

Alexandra Fly Dance

Bergen Norvegen5.10.2019 - 6.10.2019
Performance Alexandra Fly Dance does not apply to the usual costume game, but the manifestation of free viewing of the person. Participants have  …
Communiations Art

Communiations Art

Prague, Czech Republic16.5.2019
Communications Art Performance Communications Art take place in tram. During the travel, people are engaged to talk about art and to participate …
Fantasy Coloirs

Fantasy Coloirs

Brooklyn NYC , USA30.4.2019 - 5.5.2019
Fridge is commuted to providing little or no cost exhibit space at our Nonprofit Art Fair as it is our mission to create an art fair without bord …
Communiations Art

Communiations Art

Bac Cau HANOI, Vietnam26.4.2019
Video "Communications Art" shows an art event in Berlin tram.As many young people drive on the route between Warsaw and Eberswalder Strasse, the  …
Alexandra Fly Dance

Alexandra Fly Dance

Berlin Germany18.4.2019
Artist Alexandra Holownia as "Alexandrea Fly" costumes in a "vagina dress" manifests the free viewing of the individual. In Performance Alexa …
Berlin Graphic Days

Berlin Graphic Days

Berlin Kreuzberg15.3.2019
At one evening 15.03.2019 from 6pm to 1am I present my drawings on Berlin Graphic Days Festival. 15.03.2019 Freitag ab 18 Uhr: Es findet ein gr …


Dhaka-, Bangladesh8.2.2019 - 9.3.2019
The exhibition dystopia shows positions from 10 international artist activists, curated by Jafrin Gulshan
Alexandra Fly Dance

Alexandra Fly Dance

Lithrodontas, Cyprus17.11.2018 - 18.11.2018
Artist Alexandra Holownia as "Alexandra Fly" costumes in a "vagina dress" manifests the free viewing of the individual. Stands for the sociopolit …
Alexandra Fly Dance

Alexandra Fly Dance

Antwerp-Belgium29.9.2018 - 30.9.2018
Alexandra Fly Dance performance (Camp: style, subcultures and sexual politics) cast: Alexandra Holownia music: Bogdan Mizerski Artist Ale …
Alexandra Fly Dance Performance

Alexandra Fly Dance Performance

Basel14.6.2018 In Performance Alexandra Fly's Dance are presented : art cap, hat, scarf, blouse with extra fabric se …
Peasant Woman

Peasant Woman

New York,USA2.5.2018 - 6.5.2018
At the exhibition during Frieze Art Week in New York, my drawings from the series Peasant Women and Men will be presented. https://www.fridgea …
Alexandra Fly Dance

Alexandra Fly Dance

Prague, Czech Republic25.4.2018 - 28.4.2018
Performance Crossings is an international festival aimed for the comprehension of contemporary trends in performance art. Over 30 artists from 13 …
Eddi Fly

Eddi Fly

N QA London UK17.1.2018
Bad Art London 2018 …
Baby Witch

Baby Witch

South Beach FL, USA3.12.2017 - 10.12.2017
Meine Zeichnung in Format A4, Bleistifft und Akryl auf Papier wird auf die Kunstmesse Frige Art Fair Art Bagel (03.-10.12.2017) für Kleinformatig …
Kommunikation Kuss

Kommunikation Kuss

16.9.2018 - 16.9.0000
Biennale Women CineMakers for art and Independent Cinema in 2018 in Berlin and New YORK International Cinemakers and Videoartists https://i …


Gradueted at the Academy of Fine Art Poznan, Poland, Faculty: Interior Design, Prof.J. Szmit.

at the Academy of Fine Art Warszawa, Poland. Faculty:Stage Design by prof. J.Szajna.
at the Univercity of Art in Berlin, Germany. Faculty:Art in Context.



Scholarship from Mexican Ministry of Culture (Exchange Programm)

Sholarships from Polish Ministry of Culture



2005 Europa Commission for Art Action "Kommunikations Kuss" Berlin, Germany.

2004 Ministry for Science, Research and Culture in Berlin for Art Project "Zwei Naechte",.

2004 Culture Office in Middle Berlin for Art Project "Zwei Naechte", Germany.

2002 Quartier Manager Office in Berlin-Friedrichshain for Art Project" Art Tour".

2001 German International Ministry Office for "World Festival for Art on Paper", Slovenia.

1999 Culture Ministry in Hessen, Germany for International Exhibition "Imagine" in Kassel.                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                  Overview of exhibition


Solo Exhibition (selection)

1984 Gallery Dziekanka - Warszawa, Poland

1990 Studio Kausch - Kassel, Germany

1991 Gallery Am See - Lohfelden,Germany

1992 Gallery 283 - Erwitte-Wiggerhausen, Germany
1993 Kajfu Art Center - Hamburg, Germany

1994 Gallery Monserat - New York, USA
1999 Gallery Der Flur - Kassel, Germany

2003 Kultur Ring - Berlin, Germany

2003 Gallery Hologynia - Berlin, Germany

2004 CinemaxX am Podsdamer Platz - Berlin,Germany

2008 OKK Room - Berlin, Germany

2010 The Absence Of Art -Berlin, Germany

2014 Gallery Szyperska -Poznan, Poland

2015 Refenbogenfabrik - Berlin, Germany

2016 Project Spaces Art endart -Berlin, Germany


Group Exibition (selection)

1983 Jung exprsion Grand Palais - Paris

1984 Studio Art Center PKiN -Warszawa

1985 Multimedia Festival MuKu in K-18 -Kassel, Germany.1

1985 International Art Expo in Kobe, Japan

1987 Visual Laboratory in Turino,Italy

1989 Kleinkunst Museum in Holstebro, Denmarc

1990 Shadow Project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,USA

1991 Centro Civico Borgo Panigale, Bologna, Italy

1992 Studio Kausch , FAKRamenprogramm documenta 9, Kassel,Germany

1993 Around Coyote ,University Ilinois,Chicago,USA

1994 Gallery La maison de L´heure , Pry, Belgium

1997 Foyer University Kassel

1999 Gallery Cork Avery Fisher Hall, New York

1999 Kulturbahof "Imagine" Kassel,Germany

2000 King St.Stephen Museum,Szekesheehervar, Hungary

2000 Sharjah Arts Museum,Sharajah, Arabian Emirats

.2001 World Festival Art of Paper, Bled/Lubljana, Slovenia

2001 Art Books Fair, Marsilie, France

2002 Gallery Telekom, Graz, Austria

2002 Hundret 20 , Berlin

2002 Spektrale, Berlin

2003 In Between - University Wall, Graz, Austria

2004 Foyer UdK in Berlin

2007 Offener Kanal TV, Kassel

2007 Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Ghaungzou, China

2009 Fluxmuseum Fort Worth,USA

2009 Imagine Peace Yoko Ono Project in University of Texas, San Antonio USA

2010 Fluxmuseum Fort Worth,USA

2010 La MaMa Gallery, NYC,USA

2010 Video Container Miland, Italy, with Berlinerpool

2011/12/13 Video Festival Magmart Neapol/Italy

2011 Grimmuseum Berlin, Projekt Tupajumi Foundation

2011 Saatchi online: We Love Art This Week

2011 Art and Design Apartment in Deqiang College and

         Industry Design Office in Huarui College in Harbin, China

2012 Project Gesamt, Copenhagen Art Festival, Kunsthol Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmarc

2011 Kovno Biennale with US Fluxus Group

2013 Seredipidy Gallery – I wish China..., Berlin

2013 Shift and Preview Art Fair Berlin with Familie Montez in Berlin

2013 Museum Lytke wih Familie Montez Leipzig

2014 Deutsch 1914/Papua Niuguini 2014, Museum for Contemporary Art, Port Moresby in Papua,

         New Guinea

2015 Deutsch 1914/Papua Niuguini 2014, Projektraum Alte Feuerwache Berlin

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